"Sabda-Mu adalah pelita bagi langkahku, cahaya untuk menerangi jalanku." Mazmur 119:105 (BIS)
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 Sinonim untuk: Assembly, Church.

 Lihat Definisi untuk sunagwgh              4864
 Lihat Definisi untuk ekklhsia              1577
 Lihat Definisi untuk panhguriv             3831

 According to their derivation, sunagwgh is simply an assembly,
 a mass of people gathered together;

 ekklhsia is a narrower word, also an assembly, but including
 only those specially called together out of a larger multitude,
 for the transaction of business. ekklhsia usually denotes a
 somewhat more select company than sunagwgh. A significant use of
 ekklhsia in strict harmony with its derivation was common among
 the Greeks. It was their common word for the lawful assembly in a free
 Greek city of all those possessing the rights of citizenship, for the
 transaction of public affairs.  They were summoned out of the
 whole population, ``a select portion of it, including neither the
 populace, nor strangers, nor yet those who had forfeited their civic
 rights'' (Trench).  sunagwgh had been, before N.T. times,
 appropriated to designate a synagogue, a Jewish assembly for worship,
 distinct from the Temple, in which sense it is used in the N.T.
 Probably for that reason, and also for its greater inherent
 etymological fitness, ekklhsia is the word taken to designate
 a Christian church, a company of believers who meet for worship.
 Both these words, however, are sometimes used in the N.T. in a
 non-technical sense.

 panhguriv, occurring only in #Heb 12:23, differs from both,
 denoting a solemn assembly for festal rejoicing.
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