"Sabda-Mu adalah pelita bagi langkahku, cahaya untuk menerangi jalanku." Mazmur 119:105 (BIS)
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Referensi Silang TSK - Yudas 1:25
Pengantar Pengantar | Konteks Konteks | Yudas 1:25 Yudas 1:25
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JUDE 01:25
Referensi Silang:
{i} Allah {i}
	/TB  Yoh 5:44; 1Tim 1:17  
{j} sampai selama-lamanya. {j}
	/TB  Ibr 13:8  
{k} Amin. {k}
	/TB  Rom 11:36 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Rom 11:36"
* the only.
	. Ps 104:24 147:5 Ro 11:33 16:27 Eph 1:8 3:10 1Ti 1:17
* God.
	. Ps 78:20 Isa 12:2 45:21 Joh 4:22 1Ti 2:3 Tit 1:3,4 2:10,13
	. Tit 3:4 2Pe 1:1
* be glory.
	. 1Ch 29:11 Ps 72:18,19 Da 4:37 Mt 6:13 Eph 3:21 1Pe 4:11
	. 1Pe 5:10,11 2Pe 3:18 Re 1:6 4:9-11 5:13,14


St. Jude, says Origen, has written an Epistle in a few lines
indeed, but full of vigorous expressions of heavenly
grace.--[Ioudas <See definition 2455>
men <See definition 3303> egrapsen epistolen oligostichon
men <See definition 3303> pepleromenen
de <See definition 1161> ouraniou charitos erromenon logon.]
He briefly and forcibly represents the detestable doctrines and
practices of certain false teachers, generally supposed to be
the impure Gnostics, Nicolaitans and followers of Simon Magus;
and reproves these profligate perverters of sound principles,
and patrons of lewdness, with a holy indignation and just
severity; while at the same time he exhorts all sound
Christians, with genuine apostolic charity, to have tender
compassion on these deluded wretches, and to endeavour
vigorously to reclaim them from the ways of hell, and pluck them
as brands out of the fire.  There is a great similarity in
sentiment and style between this Epistle and the second chapter
of the second Epistle of Peter.  Both writers are nearly alike
in vehemence and holy indignation against impudence and
lewdness, and against those who insidiously undermine chastity,
purity, and sound principles.
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