"Sabda-Mu adalah pelita bagi langkahku, cahaya untuk menerangi jalanku." Mazmur 119:105 (BIS)
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Maleakhi 4 - AV with Strong Numbers
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4:1For, behold, the day <03117> cometh <0935> (8802), that shall burn <01197> (8802) as an oven <08574>; and all the proud <02086>, yea, and all that do <06213> (8802) wickedly <07564>, shall be stubble <07179>: and the day <03117> that cometh <0935> (8802) shall burn them up <03857> (8765), saith <0559> (8804) the LORD <03068> of hosts <06635>, that it shall leave <05800> (8799) them neither root <08328> nor branch <06057>.
4:2But unto you that fear <03373> my name <08034> shall the Sun <08121> of righteousness <06666> arise <02224> (8804) with healing <04832> in his wings <03671>; and ye shall go forth <03318> (8804), and grow up <06335> (8804) as calves <05695> of the stall <04770>.
4:3And ye shall tread down <06072> (8804) the wicked <07563>; for they shall be ashes <0665> under the soles <03709> of your feet <07272> in the day <03117> that I shall do <06213> (8802) [this], saith <0559> (8804) the LORD <03068> of hosts <06635>.
4:4Remember <02142> (8798) ye the law <08451> of Moses <04872> my servant <05650>, which I commanded <06680> (8765) unto him in Horeb <02722> for all Israel <03478>, [with] the statutes <02706> and judgments <04941>.
4:5Behold, I will send <07971> (8802) you Elijah <0452> the prophet <05030> before <06440> the coming <0935> (8800) of the great <01419> and dreadful <03372> (8737) day <03117> of the LORD <03068>:
4:6And he shall turn <07725> (8689) the heart <03820> of the fathers <01> to the children <01121>, and the heart <03820> of the children <01121> to their fathers <01>, lest I come <0935> (8799) and smite <05221> (8689) the earth <0776> with a curse <02764>.
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